Comics & Cartoons: Original Artworks From Jeremy Jones

Comics & Cartoons: Original Artworks From Jeremy Jones

Inspired by comics and cartoons, contemporary street artist Jeremy Jones has gone from painting on the Southbank’s concrete slopes to having a show dedicated to his creative other-wordly experiences of some familiar characters at the S&P Gallery.

Jeremy’s paintings harmoniously integrate iconic characters into cosmic graffiti-style backgrounds, celestial spray painted nebulae filled with movement and wonder. 


Selected Artworks

In order to highlight the S&P Gallery Comics & Cartoons Show, we have selected a handful of the artworks that are on display to give an overall sense of the show and the iconic art created by Jeremy Jones.


Jeremy Jones - Space Spaghetti Hoop - Original Painting

Space Spaghetti Hoop portrays Betty Boop in her signature carefree fashion, seemingly riding the wave of an energetic starburst. This unknown dimension of the universe is created with expressive bursts of fuchsias and sea greens, rising and swirling throughout space.

Jeremy Jones - Baked Bunny - Original Painting

Baked Bunny depicts one of the most famous cartoon characters of all time, but in a very different mood to his usual self. Heavy-eyed melancholic, intoxicated and weighed down in a world of deep, rich blues, subtle greens and soft pinks, we witness Bugs behind the scenes, after the show.


Jeremy Jones - Cosmic Nap Time - Original Painting

Cosmic Nap Time is almost like a glimpse into the dreaming world of the Pink Panther, comfortably catching some z’s in a hammock suspended in outer space. Deep pinks and vibrant blues splash and swirl across the canvas and frame the sleeping character perfectly.

Jeremy Jones - Everything's Fine - Original Painting

Everything’s Fine captures Snoopy with a rather cheeky expression, casually placed within the void of the cosmos. Pinks and blues race their way across the space behind the character, splashing and exploding as they go.



Jeremy Jones - Jet Setter - Original Painting

Jet Setter captures Elroy Jetson exploring space and moving swiftly across the scene with a strong sense of wonder and possibility. The swirls and diagonals of the blues and pinks of the background give a strong sense of movement.

Jeremy Jones’ Comics & Cartoons Art Collection

As noted, this was just a handful of pieces taken from our full collection of original art and limited edition art prints from Jeremy Jones.

Jeremy Jones’ contemporary street art style has perfectly encapsulated the inspirations he has drawn through various sources including graffiti, lowbrow art and the London skateboarding scene.

There’s no better time than right now to add one of these other-wordly, contemporary artworks to your collection or investment portfolio and own a piece of history in the making.

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