Stuart McAlpine Miller

A Complex Nature (Mixed Media Original)

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This collection is comprised of a unique set of mixed media original artworks. The canvases are printed using a giclee printing technique which the artist then paints over, adding different features and individual characteristics each time.

Some prints include detailing on the artwork canvas, others as hand painted frames and in some instances both. Each piece is unique and produced at the artists discretion, making each artwork totally bespoke and individual.


Stuart has completed a series of eleven Harry Potter-inspired paintings in his characteristic Pop Art style titled 'Revelations: A Portrait of Magic', under license from Warner Bros. The paintings are both intricate and beautiful.

There are many illusions, but there is also reality, and Stuart is urging us to look there for our truth and, more importantly, our future.

Here, Harry Potter's eye is deliberately framed to center the viewer's gaze and, shining forth from his eyes, we see omniscience that belies his age. Due to Stuart's use of key imagery- the Hogwarts Express, the phoenix, and the sign for platform 9 3/4- the image becomes transportive. The suggested arch of a gothic stained glass window framing Harry evokes the religious theme we see throughout this collection.