Stuart McAlpine Miller

Strength in Numbers (Mixed Media Original)

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This collection is comprised of a unique set of mixed media original artworks. The canvases are printed using a giclee printing technique which the artist then paints over, adding different features and individual characteristics each time.

Some prints include detailing on the artwork canvas, others as hand painted frames and in some instances both. Each piece is unique and produced at the artists discretion, making each artwork totally bespoke and individual.


The overall language in this piece suggests ambiguity of the possible future.

The powerful trio is depicted here, captured in a maze of kaleidoscopic light and colour with numbers guiding their futures. The dawn of a new era has yet to be defined but is already upon them.

The artist conveys the power of three, showing the dynamic energy behind the characters, reinforced here by the geometric tessellation of elements in the background. The repeated triangular pattern suggests their resolute arrangement as a trio. With poise and confidence, the power of three shines forth, ready to navigate and overcome any obstacles in their path.