Stuart McAlpine Miller

Where the Darkness Resides (Mixed Media Original)

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This collection is comprised of a unique set of mixed media original artworks. The canvases are printed using a giclee printing technique which the artist then paints over, adding different features and individual characteristics each time.

Some prints include detailing on the artwork canvas, others as hand painted frames and in some instances both. Each piece is unique and produced at the artists discretion, making each artwork totally bespoke and individual.


A series of eleven Harry Potter-inspired paintings have been completed by Stuart under license from Warner Brothers titled 'Revelations- A Portrait of Magic'. The paintings are both complex and beautiful and contain imagery that hints at an impending disaster.

In a hoodie, T-shirt, and jeans, Ron looks like a typical teenage boy; a dose of normality in an otherwise dramatic setting. During this painting, we see this character fighting inner demons so his innate goodness can triumph.