What is a limited edition print?

A limited edition print is a series of identical prints restricted to a one-time printing of a certain number of pieces.
Generally, edition sizes range from 5-20 up to 500, and once an edition is sold out it is no longer available.
The artist determines the size of the edition and numbers each piece.
Due to the short supply of these prints from the best contemporary artists in the world, these works are a great investment for any collector.

How do I know the artwork is authentic?

Smith & Partner are a trusted source for Fine Art.
We take pride in our proprietary process.
Working directly with artists and curators, as well as reputable museums, galleries, and cultural institutions, to provide the best collection of original contemporary artworks in the world.
All works are either signed by the artist or accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Are Smith & Partner able to ship internationally?

Yes, Smith & Partner ship to most countries. Please contact for shipment inquiries.

Can the art be shipped to my desired location?

Clients who would prefer shipment to an address of their choice may do so. However, Smith & Partner highly suggest for it to be correctly insured, and stored in a secure location under the optimum conditions.

Do Smith & Partner arrange storage for their clients’ art pieces?

Yes, with access to state of the art warehousing facilities – all with the top of the range security systems – we ensure the guaranteed safe-keeping of your prized portfolio pieces.

We also have exclusive partnerships with packers, customs brokers, airfreight agents, and freight companies that provide secure and reliable shipping services for all your valuables.

Is S&P regulated?

No, Smith&Partner is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

However, Smith &Partner is a proud member of the Fine Art Trade Guild since 2018.

What about the costs?

Smith & Partner collections charge an upfront fee of 2% on the sale of the art piece, and a charge of 5% of the profit only.

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