Keeping your artwork safe in storage

Smith and Partner provide 12-month free storage at Martin Speed Bonded Warehouse. Ensuring artworks remain free from V.A.T and are kept in optimum conditions.

Storage Standard

Different types of artwork require diverse storage conditions, depending on the medium and technique that was used to create it. In general, keeping you artwork safe in storage spaces should meet the following criteria: Temperature between 18° and 22°. Relative humidity level between 40% and 60% (50% – 55% for pastel paintings). Maximum illumination – 150 lx (30-50 lx for pastel paintings). Not to be exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, and draughts. No dramatic temperature and humidity changes. Not to be near products of combustion, such as soot, carbon-black, tobacco smoke, food oils, etc. The room must have good ventilation. Artwork should not be placed above heaters or conditioners UV and IR radiations are highly undesirable if exhibited, a 100W glow lamp or a 20W luminous tube lamp should be placed no closer than a meter from the object, (if it’s a 200W lamp – then the minimum distance should be 2 meters, etc.). For pastel paintings, do not keep it without a glass and frame for long periods, as it’s almost impossible to remove dust from the surface.

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