The Shed Door By Joe Charman

What You Gonna Do About It?

Joe Charman's Shed Door Collection Launch Event

  • Drinks included
  • Opportunity to meet the artist
  • All ticket proceeds are donated directly to charity TBC

28th September 2022, 6pm-11pm

58 Gloucester Rd,
South Kensington,
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What You Gonna Do About It? exhibition displaying The Shed Door Collection by the artist Joe Charman is scheduled to take place between the 28th of September and the 28th of October at S&P Gallery in London. The opening reception of the exhibition will see the artist himself attending and is scheduled to take place on the 28th of September 2022 from 6pm until 11pm, at S&PGallery, 58 Gloucester Road, SW4 7QT, London. This exhibition will display the contemporary explosion of urban art and graffiti style that characterises the artist’s style.


Urban Art combines the street art and graffiti, and it developed from the street art style which is primarily concerned with graffiti culture. However, differently from Street Art, Urban Art aims to
define the original movement by bringing it out of the streets and into galleries, museums, and private displays.


This exhibition will showcase Joe Charman’s latest work; The Shed Door Collection. The artist has been working on a much larger scale artworks and has pushed and developed his practice further in this collection. Layered and intricate collage artworks, made of different mediums, from spray paint to pastels, pens and oils, will be displayed in this unique solo show.


From the satirical to the artistic and political, this exhibition celebrates urban art in all its charm and
power. Inspired by the 1980s New York scene, and movies Joe Charman’s artwork challenge the fine line that divides fine art from urban art, and brings the two together in complex and beautiful artwork.


Joe Charman is a London-based artist and social media entertainer who made his name by going viral as ‘The Skills Guy’; building a large following across social media. Working in a graffiti street art style, contemporary artist Joe Charman creates rich, layered compositions, and he intuitively combines materials and different kinds of mediums into his artworks.


During the opening night, the gallery will be serving drinks and cocktails on the top floor while the lower floor will be dedicated entirely to Joe’s new artworks.