Mr. Controversial: You’re So Full Of Sh*t... I Love It

  • Drinks and canapés included
  • First showing of Mr. Controversial's original oil paintings
  • Opportunity to meet the artist
  • All ticket proceeds are donated directly to Frimley Health Charity

Wednesday 10th August 2022, 6pm-11pm

58 Gloucester Rd,
South Kensington,
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Mr. Controversial will be coming to S&P Gallery in person to exhibit his fusion of vintage imagery and relatable quotes. This exhibition will showcase artworks from Mr. Controversial’s iconic Pulp Noir series; exploring how we currently live our lives, our inner thoughts, motivations and demons, in his signature satirical way.

Pulp Noir is a series of works that have been inspired by the imagery of movies and books from the 20th century. Mr. Controversial adds satirical quotes to these images to shine a light on today’s world by highlighting the irony that is hidden in our society. The solo show will be taking place at S&P Gallery in South Kensington, London, on August 10th, 2022; from 18:00 - 23:00.

His work draws inspiration from exploring the notion of individualism in a politically correct world; also, his passion for crafting engaging visual communication, drawing from his experience in the advertising industry, the artist understands the psychology and science behind the things we buy into, our inner desires and intentions vs the masks we use to hide behind; as well as the personal frustrations of a social media-obsessed world.

Hot off the back of 3 successful, sell-out, large collections, this much-anticipated event will see artworks from Mr. Controversial’s Pulp Noir series on display, with a spotlight on his newly released oil paintings..

The gallery itself will be divided, offering two experiences with the top floor being used primarily for press, socialising and the drinks bar with the mixologists.

Downstairs will host the Pulp Noir collection which is the focus of this event, and the first collection Mr. Controversial will be launching through his new fine art supplier; Zeno Fine Art.

There will also be an opportunity for an attendee to win a limited edition print by suggesting a caption for the artist to use in his next painting; using the same level of controversy and satirical humour that’s so prevalent in his work.

“I believe great artists are commentators, and a voice of the times in which they create, their work serves as a snapshot, a window into that specific time in history for future generations to make sense of when they look back. You see this in the meme-like captions in my work”.
- Mr. Controversial