The Fashion of Birth: Two bodies of work collide in one photographer

Miss Aniela Meets Natalie Lennard

The Fashion of Birth: Two bodies of work collide in one photographer

  • Drinks and canapés included
  • Opportunity to meet the artist

Wednesday 13th July 2022, 6pm-10pm

58 Gloucester Rd,
South Kensington,
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Award-winning established artist Miss Aniela, twice named as one of Saatchi Art’s ‘Ones To Watch’ will meet British award-winning artist Natalie Lennard for the first time in a sensational exhibition to be held at S&P Gallery. The two photographic bodies of work are encapsulated in one woman, Natalie. This event will showcase Natalie Lennard’s controversial Birth Undisturbed series alongside Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion collection; with the exhibition including both NFTs and physical artworks on display and an exclusive unveiling of a brand new artwork.

Miss Aniela Meets Natalie Lennard will bring both sides of the artist to the forefront of the art world in person; bridging the gap between these two identities for the first time as well as bringing together two iconic collections at the S&P Gallery in South Kensington, London, on July 13th, 2022; from 18:00 to 22:00.

This much-anticipated event will see limited edition prints from Natalie Lennard’s controversial Birth Undisturbed series on display as well as Miss Aniela’s highly successful collection of animated NFTs taken from her Surreal Fashion series.

Although two sides of the same coin, each side has her very own unique art style. Natalie Lennard captures the raw realities of life, she is creatively driven by motherhood and willing to make a statement on political issues with no fear of controversy.

Miss Aniela is more of a fashion-driven creative, taking luxury themes and giving them an elegant sense of classical art, a surreal and complex rendering of grandeur and opulence.

The gallery itself will be divided, offering two separate experiences as you witness the coming together of these two alter egos in a joint celebration of the artist’s separate bodies of work.

The top floor of the gallery will be dedicated to Natalie Lennard’s Birth Undisturbed collection, made up of a total of 10 museum-quality fine art prints. The lower floor will be dedicated to Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion NFT collection, with a technological display of projections of the animated digital artworks.

The artist herself, that is, both sides of her, will be at S&P Gallery in person for the opening show to meet with people and talk about her artworks and the meanings and narratives behind these intriguing pieces.

“In a sense, every woman in this series is Eve. She is giving birth on her own terms, on her own terrain and in her own time. She is defying the ‘curse’, the idea of original sin. She is a strong woman. She is the first woman. She is the ‘empowered’ woman. Every picture on this series has been challenging. Pride is maybe the most challenging shot I’m ending the series with.”
- Natalie Lennard/Miss Aniela