Miss Aniela


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In the summer of 2018 Miss Aniela travelled to Beijing to collaborate with fashion designer Guo Pei. World-renowned haute couterier Guo Pei, likened to a Chinese Alexander McQueen, is best known for designing Rihanna's trailing yellow gown at the 2015 Met Ball. Guo Pei, whose designs are bold and daring, was a match for the style of Miss Aniela’s surrealistic fashion work. For the collaboration, Miss Aniela shot a team of models in a variety of locations as well as Pei’s studio in Beijing. Using inspiration from Pei’s extreme ornamental high heeled shoes, four models ‘skate’ amongst the gardens of Prince Kung’s Mansion, rich in dynamic colour and carrying crowns upon their heads, in a Surreal Fashion piece entitled ‘Skaters’ newly released in 2022. (With credit to hair by Ming Yue; makeup by Zihui Yong; producers Sylwia Wu and Miss Aniela.)